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A full time responsible adult resident of the house or apartment must be present for the duration of the bed bug service. This is in order to be interviewed, to move personal items during treatment and to make important decisions. There will be the need to review information and instructions offered during and after the inspection and / or treatment in order to formulate the best treatment outcome possible.

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It is imperative that this aforementioned qualified adult be present, or the inspection and treatment will not be made. If this should happen two (2) times, the resident / tenant will be charged a $50.00 plus tax, non-compliance or "no-show" fee on the subsequent attempt to provide service.


Do place luggage (including backpacks) in plastic bags, seal and remove to another room or outside if there is any possibly you picked up bed bugs while traveling or visiting any other location.

Do not take bedding (mattress cover / pad, sheets, blankets, bed spreads, pillow cases or pillows, and (skirts) dust ruffles off the bed. The bed can be made up if customer wants.

Do not shake out, re-hang or place clothes back in closets or drawers if they are on the floor, the bed, furniture or other places around the room. Doing so could infest other clothes and areas if bed bugs are present.

But Do gather that clothing, along with any stuffed animals, toys, and other non-furniture items on the floor and bed and place them in plastic bags, seal, and remove to another room, or outside. Please leave the room uncluttered for the service technician.

Please leave any throw pillows, stuffed toys, or other items that usually are placed on the bed in place so they can be inspected by the technician.

Do remove all items from under the bed, place in plastic bags, seal, and remove to another room or outside.

Do vacuum, sweep, or dust mop room floor thoroughly and dispose of vacuum bag, canister contents, and sweepings in an outside trash receptacle. Shake dust mop outside away from dwelling. Wash or launder mop with hot soapy water. When vacuuming, sprinkle some talcum powder or corn starch on the floor and vacuum it up. Either substance will suffocate any bed bugs picked up in the vacuum.

Do not untie bags in house – although you can launder the clothing collected in detergent and hot water, or place in the dryer on high for at least thirty minutes. Be sure to dispose of empty plastic bags in an outside receptacle.